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27 Interview with Renee Robyn

Renee Robyn is a conceptual photographer who has shot into the limelight over the previous couple years due to her amazing work. In the interview we discuss her journey and the motorcycle crash and the effect that had on her journey and dealing with the darkness associated with such a life changing event. we also ... Read more

19 Interview with Melissa Niu

Melissa Niu is a very busy woman. Not only is she the editor for Photofocus but she also is a mother and podcaster an interviewer! her work is stunning and has a very honest feeling about it. In the episode we discuss the journey of Melissa Niu from beginnings to the framed network up to ... Read more

18 Setting up your first Gallery Show

This week on the show I am joined again by Samantha Goss from Sleeping Awake Photo and we discuss her first step into the world of Solo Gallery Shows.   Fresh off the tail end of her first solo gallery show Samantha Goss joins me to discuss the experience in depth. We talk about her journey ... Read more

17 Interview with Scott Detweiler

Scott Detweiler is a photographer based in the USA who specializes in conceptual and fine art photography. A self confessed geek Scott discusses his influences and journey and his love of light. we also touch on the use of social media and how to make it work for you. You can visit Scott’s work here ... Read more

15 Interview with John Cornicello

Best known for his work as part of creative live John has managed to get the reputation of the ultimate studio accessory to have around. His calm presence and extensive knowledge helps the presenters of Creative live to deliver their content with ease. In this episode we talk about Johns transition from musician to photographer and his ... Read more

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