20 Heat sucks! live arrives


Well the show is a little late to post this week thanks to there being a super hot spell turning my edit area into an oven making it somewhere i didn't want to be so apologies for that.


Live on youtube!

This is the first of my shows to go out completely live on youtube which means that from now on when recording i will be able to take questions live on air during the show.

Tell me how you like it do you like the look?


On with the show

On1 have announced ON1 photo raw which will be coming out later this year.

This works both as a standalone thing as well as a plugin so easy to integrate into your workflow.

Other things that the software has going for it are:


  • Non-destructive portrait retouching
  • Instant RAW editing
  • Non-destructive portrait retouching
  • Edit multiple versions of the same photo
  • Edit multiple photos at once
  • New RAW engine

Having looked at the videos online this thing is fast by comparison to lightroom ill be interested to see how it works with skin tones and maybe have it as the edit section as part of my lightroom workflow.

Of course time will tell on this but what do you think?

to check out more visit https://www.on1.com/apps/photo-raw/

Lensbaby Twist 60

For fans of Lens baby they have announced the Twist 60 which is an all metal design that is designed to give those swirly bokeh looks that you get from a Petzval lens.

Specs on the lens are as follows:

  • It is meant for full frame cameras for maximum swirlyness
  • It is a 60mm F2.5 lens
  • Available in Nikon F mount, Canon EF Mount and Sony E mount

Time of recording it is priced at $279 US


To me the lens baby system kind of falls into the same category as something like a fish eye lens in that its very easy to go overboard with it but a 60mm F2.8 speciality lens its certainly something i would like to look at and try.

to check it out yourself head on over to http://lensbaby.com/product/twist-60/


And Finally what caught my eye this week

Samyang step into the autofocus world with 2 new autofocus lenses.

Korean manufacturer samyang have stepped into the autofocus lens market with 2 autofocus lenses for the Sony E mount System.

The 2 new lenses come in a 50mm F1.4 and a 14mm F2.8

These will be the first autofocus lenses from Samyang who have been going for over 40 years now and are both optimized for use with both phase detect and contrast detect of the systems.

they have a 67mm filter thread so these are going to be some pretty chunky lens and samyang have been knocking it out of the park recently in terms of quality  so i dont expect these will be any different in that aspect.

so tell me what do you think? are they going to be a welcome edition to your arsenal or will you pass it by?

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