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It’s All About The Blag


  Here in the UK we have a phrase ‘to blag’ it essentially means to make your own bit of luck and make something happen that wouldn’t otherwise have happened. As a photographer we often don’t have stuff just handed to us on a plate.  We actually have to go out there and earn our ... Read more

The Photography Junkies Guide to Shooting Self Portraits


For a while ive been getting people ask me how to take a good self portrait so i decided to create a little video for you on a technique i find useful. I welcome any questions you have in the forum link below the video. Like this post? got a question or comment? you can ... Read more

Which of my children should i kill first?


Times are hard it’s that simple and the simple fact is those of us who don’t adapt to the current climate wont survive from a business point of view. Now im not going to sit there and bitch on how the things have changed in the world and everyone is now my competition and i ... Read more

The Photography Junkies interview with Brooke Shaden


This month i have tracked down Brooke Shaden and managed to pin her down for an interview and ask her some things that i wanted to know. Hi Brooke and thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.  This year in the photography junkie each month i am interviewing people who i find inspirational or have ... Read more

Freezing for the Fire


In advance I really love my job as a photographer as i get to shoot so many different people from all walks of life enjoying many different interests. So you can imagine my delight when i was approached by fire performer Animus for a shoot. So as i like to plan ahead the shoot was ... Read more

The Photography Junkies interview with Frank Doorhof

David en Mercedes Juli 16 2013 - July 16, 2013 - 73-Edit

As part of my wanting to bring you the people who inspire me i caught up with Frank Doorhof for an interview hope you enjoy. Hi Frank Thank you for doing this ive been a long time admirer of your work and i want my readers to share this too. So for the people who ... Read more

Interview with Kristin Villano


This week’s Spotlight for Inspiration is a bit different than the others. Caroline, who is usually the person that interviews our tremendous artists, is away on medical leave. For that reason, I have taken over and will be doing the interviews from now on. For the moment, I will be posting them through my blog! ... Read more

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