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Thank you for thinking of supporting the show.


As you can imagine it takes money to keep the show alive and you are crucial to the show continuing.

The more people that support the show the more i can do with it and plus it helps to keep the lights on.


There are many ways you can support the show and you control how you do it after all it is your show!



How you can support the show


Leave a review

The first and most easy way you can help is you can leave positive review on iTunes and give the show 5 stars i all helps with the ranking of the show and its free.


Help the community grow

Just spreading the word about the show and sharing the site is incredibly valuable the more the community grows the more we are able to do together.


Design some clothing for yourself O-Neck-Tee-Man-I-love-SLR-professional-font-b-photography-b-font-Creat-Own-Round

If you didn't know already  there is a clothing designer built into the site for those who are on a computer.

Design and create your own clothing with over 50 items to choose from.

Add text upload your own images and have it delivered to your door.

A small percentage of each order comes to The Photography Junkie to help cover the costs of running the show.

To have a go on the clothing designer and see what you can come up with click here


Subscribe via PayPalpp-logo-200px

You choose how much you want to subscribe per month and all proceeds go to the costs of running the podcast

anyone who decides to subscribe over the amount of $20 per month will be invited to be part of the show as part of an 'out of hours' podcast / discussion.

Payment Choices


Become a PatronPatreon_logo.svg

Patreon is fast becoming the ultimate way to support content providers allowing you complete control as to how much you contribute.

You can choose to pay as little as $1 a month to support the show or how ever much you want to.

there are exclusive rewards for those who choose to pay higher amounts.

You keep full control over how much you spend and you can even set limits on it so you don't go over.

To open the Patreon page and see what it is all about Click Here


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